Ushering in a brand-new era of immersive entertainment, the Fox Innovation Lab at Twentieth Century Fox is working with Hollywood’s best filmmakers and technologists to bring virtual reality to life as a new storytelling medium.

Executive produced by Ridley Scott and directed by Robert Stromberg, The Martian VR Experience is an interactive, immersive adventure with viewers participating from astronaut Mark Watney’s perspective, performing tasks that will facilitate his chances for survival.

Fly onto the surface of Mars, steer at zero gravity through space, drive a rover and experience key scenes from the hit film in a 360-degree virtual reality environment.

The experience debuted at CES 2016, was accepted into the New Frontier Program at Sundance and is the recipient of the Cannes Silver Lion in Digital Craft as well as the Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP) Next VR Award.


"Out of this World."




“Effectively Transports the Viewer Into Outer Space”




“Triumph in Motion”




“Testing the Limits of the New Format”




“The Grande Finale…Truly Emotional”



“Among the Most Ambitious VR projects Undertaken by a Hollywood Studio.”



“Here’s What It Is Like to Be Mark Watney”



Now available on Oculus Cinema: THE MARTIAN VR EXPERIENCE