What are the minimum system requirements?

  • Processor Speed: 1.25GHz Intel/1.5 GHz PPC
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Connection Speed: 2.5MB/s or faster
  • Internet Browsers: Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox 20.0+, Safari 5.0+, Chrome 20.0+, Mobile Webkit browsers (Android 3.2+ & iOS 6+)


Will my redemption code expire?

Yes. Please check the insert for the expiration date. After this date, you will no longer be able to redeem your code, or to stream the Fox Extras related to your code (even if you previously redeemed the code).

Can I watch my Fox Extras in High Definition?

Fox Extras are provided in High Definition. However, the quality of your video stream will depend on your internet connection and your playback environment (mobile device, computer, TV or tablet).

Do I have to redeem all of my Fox Extras at time of purchase?

No. You can choose to redeem your Fox Extras at a later date. However, you won’t be able to redeem your code, or stream your Fox Extras, after the expiration date listed on your insert.

What devices can I use to watch my Fox Extras?

You have the ability to watch your Fox Extras on your computer (PC or Mac), tablet or smartphone. It is recommended that you have the latest version of Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Safari.

Do I need to purchase special equipment to use Fox Extras?

No. You don’t need special equipment or additional technology, other than an active Internet connection and a supported device.

Do I need to open an account or register my purchase?

No. No registration is required.

Does it cost anything to set up and manage my Fox Extras?

No. Your Fox Extras content is FREE with your purchase of select movies.

Can I download my Fox Extras?

No. Fox Extras are available via online streaming only.

How can I watch my Fox Extras?

You can watch your content online via instant streaming through a compatible web browser. Streaming requires a high-speed Internet connection.

What if I get an invalid code error message?

Be sure you are entering your code correctly. If you are still receiving an error message and need assistance, please contact customer support at

How many times can I use my redemption code?

Prior to the expiration date listed on your insert, each redemption code can be used to view Fox Extras up to 10 times across multiple devices.

How do I redeem?

To redeem your Fox Extras, visit and enter the redemption code found on the insert in your specially-marked Blu-ray or DVD case.

Where can I find my redemption code?

Your redemption code is located on the insert packaged inside your specially-marked Blu-ray or DVD case.

Where can I get Fox Extras?

Fox Extras are included with the purchase of specially-marked Blu-rays and DVDs. To access Fox Extras, you must purchase a specially-marked Blu-ray or DVD that is enabled with Fox Extras and use the redemption code on the insert.

What is Fox Extras?

Fox Extras is a site that grants you access to exciting new bonus features from your favorite Fox movies.

What happens if I lose my insert?

If you have misplaced or discarded your redemption code, please have your proof of purchase available and contact customer support at